Saturday, September 25, 2010


I said I was going to post a retrospective on the whole MFA to this point, but I paused after writing year two (yes, I wrote it but didn't post it) because I wanted to not let it be one of those overemotional dribbles.

Pausing, at the time being, is a bad idea.

I am in day two of what I am now calling The Eight Day Hellish Slog.  Everything is due on or before October 1.  Starting yesterday, I'm overwhelmed, overloaded, over programmed and probably under my quota for what would be considered sanity inducing activities and thoughts.

During the weekend, I must write a short story (it's due Oct. 1, of course).  I must finish it this weekend because I have no further time to be creative.  So, basically, I'm just stressing out about it and not writing it and not necessarily accomplishing any of the major things I have to do in the eight day slog.  Bummer.  More stress.

Don't worry, the house is well stocked with chocolate.

I'm also cleaning.  Cleaning is a sanity inducing activity.  It is small.  It can be done quickly.  It can be done by machines while I do other things.  It has very satisfying and visible after effects.  Yeah, I like cleaning.

I might be losing it.

Highly Recommended