Monday, September 20, 2010

MFA progress update

I recently got this lovely question from HeathcliffsGirl in the comment section:
Blogger Heathcliffs Girl said...Hey! i Read a couple of posts,mfa related! i guess a few years back?
i cant find what happened next? did you happen to get through?

Nope.  Didn't get through it.  Still going.

I'm somewhere in the soggy middle of it all.  But approaching the bitter end.  So at this point, things are both soggy and bitter.  And kinda chewy to be honest.  Actually, a lot of it is like a badly cooked roast, the kind where the meat tastes like the potatoes and the potatoes taste like the meat, and then your mother-in-law asks you a question and you can't for the life of you answer because you can't seem to chew enough to swallow anything you just put in your mouth no matter how small a piece you took.

I'm embarking on my third of three years in the program.  That is, I'm taking a year-and-a-half's worth of classes in one year because they wouldn't let me front load classes.  Nooooooo.  You gotta overload yourself when you're on your way out.  When you're reading for your thesis and trying to compose the thesis and attempting to get yourself ready to go on the job market, that's when no one curtly suggests that you only take 6 credit hours a semester.

A large chunk of the population is trying to figure out if they're going to apply to MFA programs right now.  And if so, where and when.  I'm trying to figure out what wisdom I've gained from this (opposed to knowledge) and how to succinctly put it.

This week, inspired by HeathcliffsGirl's comment, I'll be posting a "State of the MFA" series of posts, one covering each year.  Posting will begin tomorrow morning.

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