Monday, August 02, 2010

Story in print today!

A short story of mine titled "Color, Patter and Fantasy," hits the web today as part of The Northville Review's Summer 2010 Celebrity-themed Issue.

All of the stories in the issue are themed to include celebrities in some fashion. In my mind at least, that skews the issue toward having a bit more humor and lightheartedness -- something I readily endorse in lit mags, if only because of its rarity. 

I started writing the story in 2009 at the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop, and the piece has since taken some twists and turns. It's short and sweet, coming in at about 1,700 words, and (hopefully) you'll find several humorous moments.

For those of you who know me as having a fantasy/urban fantasy/magical realism penchant, you should be warned that the "Fantasy" of the title falls more along the line of day dreams than fairies. ...Not that I've ever attempted to write about the fey specifically, come to think of it.

Since it's a celebrity themed issue, my bio on the site contains a little known factoid (depending on who you are) about my former celebrity crushes.

Published today: "Color, Pattern and Fantasy" in The Northville Review online.

Highly Recommended