Friday, August 20, 2010

Grab-Bag: Friday Links

An old pay phone booth becomes a book booth. Really cool looking.  I love it when people get creative with their recycling.

Nathan Bransford gives us how to write a novel.  And manages to condense the entire writing process into one blog post, to which I say, Bravo!  I particularly liked the bit about styling your characters based on what the character wants.  I find this aspect particularly helpful when I know a character should be in the story, but I'm not in love with said character and therefore can't really get into them.
Bransford says: "Now, the best protagonists are complex individuals who may want multiple things. They may think they want one thing but in reality want another, or they may want two things that are at odds with each other. But once you know what a character wants, their personality (funny? brave? weak?) becomes an expression of how they go about getting it."

Kay Kenyon gives us some notions on having a writing schedule, or in some cases, fooling yourself about having a schedule.

Highly Recommended