Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August is home improvement month

At least in my world, August is the month of undertaking projects to better the living space.  This month I've built bookshelves and purchased an ergonomic desk chair.  The old desk chair was actually a kitchen chair and was absolutely wreaking havoc on my back and shoulders, especially as I buckled down to write 1000 words a day on my novel on top of other projects.  So I anted up and got the chair.

The chair is the last big step in reworking my work space.  The first step was a half-curtain to block out the soap opera-like antics of my neighbors in the parking lot.  I've set up drawers for storage, a "submissions check off" sheet hanging on my wall (I get a star sticker for each submission I make in the next 12 months), and then there's the shelves.

I love "back to school" sales.  I purchased two some-assembly-required three shelf bookcases for a total of $36 with tax.  No, they're not fancy or particularly well made, but they're the kind of thing that if you treat them well they'll last, but if you treat them roughly, they'll look like shit in a year's time.  The shelving allows me to get some boxes up off the floor and stop using my coffee table as a book shelf -- which had been serving as home for the same 15 books for the past year. 

Of course, those boxes only get up off the floor of my bedroom if I organize the other bookcase to make room for the boxes.  Essentially, this looks like a project that could last as long as my closet organizing . . . which I started last August and will finish (hopefully) someday soon when I finally donate the old clothes I've been meaning to donate for the past 52 weeks. 

August is definitely my home improvement month.  Now if only I could convince everyone of that, I'm certain i could get a hefty endorsement from Lowes. 

I'm curious about when other people's "home project" time of year is.  Does anyone really hold with that "spring cleaning" thing anymore?  Is my year-old unfinished project the worst of the bunch, or can someone beat me for longest unaccomplished home improvement project?

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