Friday, July 30, 2010

Tales of Woe, Part 9

I thought that with the procurement of the half curtain that I wouldn't see any more of my neighbor's stupidity. I was wrong.

With my protective curtain up I couldn't see my neighbors but I could smell cigarette smoke. This was annoying because I have several fans pulling air into my apartment so that I can run the AC only when it gets over 85F. Annoying, yes, but not worth dropping water balloons on their heads or anything as the smoke smell usually lasts only a couple of minutes.

Then I started to smell charcoal grill smell. Which was really odd because the complex doesn't let us grill at all since the rash of apartment fires in town that happened a couple years ago. At first it was no gas grills within X feet of the building, then no grills at all.

Next, a large vehicle is idling in my street. This causes me to get up and look over my half curtain. I've been towed once from in front of my own damn apartment so I'm kinda nervous about getting towed again.

Is it the tow truck? Nope. Firetruck.

What the @^%&!

So I do the nosy neighbor thing, going from one window to the next to try and get a better view of what's going on and/or see if my building is burning. Seriously, right. That's when I see that the hose has been turned on the construction dumpster that's taking up four parking spaces.

Inside the construction dumpster is a guy in full fireman gear digging around while the other guy hoses down all the material that is and/or could be burning.

Great. Thanks neighbors! I really appreciate it when you start fires in really large dumpsters!

Somehow this is more unnerving than finding the charred skeleton of what could only have been a sleeper sofa at the end of my street. At least with the sofa skeleton, I got the impression that it was lit on fire so that someone could watch it burn; the dumpster, however, just happened.

Highly Recommended