Monday, June 28, 2010

Life in New Hampshire

I'm slightly more than halfway through my six week workshop. I have three observations to share.

One, Writing:  I'm at the frustrating place where I've learned enough that I now know a story idea is not going to work before I write it, but I don't yet know enough to fix it so the idea does work.  Good thing there's another three weeks of class.

Two, Living: I haven't regularly slept on a twin mattress in a couple of years; living in a dorm for a few months requires it.  But in those years I've apparently forgotten the skill of rolling over without losing the sheet.  Every time I turn over sheet, blanket, everything, slides right on off my butt.  Very disconcerting.

Three, Taxes: New Hampshire does not appear to have sales tax.  I bought a book yesterday and the cashier rang me up for precisely the amount printed on the book cover.  It feels so odd to buy a week's worth of groceries, then look at the receipt and see Total $48.32, Tax $0.00.  They really take this live free or die stuff seriously up here. 

Highly Recommended