Sunday, June 06, 2010

Excuse me, there's a lake in my way

I usually like living in Michigan.  It has seasons, it has trees -- not caged trees like Chicago -- and okay, it has a shit-ton of potholes because four months of the year are spent in a continuous cycle of freezing and thawing, but hey, I just bought a new suspension for my car. 

What I don't like is when I try to travel by land to other states from Michigan.  Just about every way you turn there's a lake in your way.

Fun factoid that any good Michigander school child knows: in Michigan you are never more than 78 miles away from at least one Great Lake. 

Right about now I'm looking at Lake Erie and shaking my head.  What I need is a giant bridge from Detroit to Erie, PA.  What I get is the round about route.  South through Ohio or north through Canada land of the 99 cent liter of petrol (ouch!).

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