Thursday, April 22, 2010

Return of the Cone Kitty

I had to put my cat back in a cone. It's so sad to re-cone the cat, especially when it's her own fricking fault.

This cat (Ash) is, at best, uber-clean; at worst, she's an obsessive licker. She cleans everything and everyone -- a list of which includes my computer, the other cat, my desk, pillows and the one or two stuffed animals in my apartment. So, when she got a half-inch long cut on her belly -- probably from playing rough with the other cat -- I wasn't all that surprised to see that she had licked the area clean of fur. I was exasperated, but not really surprised.

The scratch was in the right place to make it look like she'd gotten spayed ... again.

But it's been about a month now and the bald patch is smaller in size but it's not completely grown back in. She'll lick it until her skin is visibly irritated. So on Sunday I went and purchases a second e-collar (I recycled the first thinking I'd never need it again -- ha!).

And now I have cone-kitty part deux.

This time the cone is semi-translucent instead of opaque. I thought, at the time of purchase, that this would make the cat's sense better. That she would have a better idea of what was around her. Now, seeing it on the cat, I think the translucent cone is just a mean illusion.

About once a day I grow soft-hearted and take the cone off her for a bit.  I try to watch her during that time to make sure she's not cleaning her bald patch but I'm probably just lengthening the process.

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