Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Holy poop, man. Holy poop.

Man ... it's easy to forget that your mother's your Facebook friend.  Thankfully I wrote "Holy poop!" and not "Holy shit!" like I had originally wanted to ... although the change from shit to poop was meant more for grins than for censorship.  Then again it's not like my mother's never heard me say shit before; it's just that saying shit in private and/or when something heavy contacts your toe in an unkind manner, is different from exclaiming it on the internet. 

The reason for my exclamation?  Kalamazoo Central High School is among the six high schools in the nation fighting for your votes to get President Obama to come give their commencement speech this summer.  Voting lasts until Midnight on April 29 (I think).  You can watch and read all six school's brief essays and videos online and rate each one.  Vote here!

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