Tuesday, April 06, 2010

AWP Bookfair Update and other Updates

AWP Update:

Meet ME! courtesy of Third Coast's Bookfair table at the AWP Conference Denver!

(If you could care less about ME! I will also fill you in on facts about Third Coast Magazine and submission tips.)

Thursday 4:30 to close.
Friday 8:30-10:15 AM -- (bring me coffee if you expect coherency, I am not a morning person)
Friday 2:45-4:30

And possibly some other times though I should make the most of my "free" time to roam the bookfair general. Must find some time to ambush Fairy Tale Review (the only magazine I have prepared questions for) and speak awkwardly with any other magazine with an interesting looking table.

Twitter hashtag = #AWP10

Thankgoodness for this or I would have forgotten all about bringing sunglasses!

Other updates:
The cats are wearing collars and pissed about it. Normally my cats go naked, strutting about in all their god given kitty glory. When we must travel Ash gets an ID collar but I normally don't bother with Rosie b/c she has an ID chip between her shoulder blades. Well, events had it that someone misplaced Ash's first collar (hmm) and then I bought a second one (ha!), before eventually discovering where the first had been relocated to (double ha!). Now that I own two collars I have saddled both cats with ID-tag-cuteness. There has been much scratching, and sulking and jingling of tiny bells. All this so they may spend a week at my father's house while I am conferencing.

Other updates:
Red Rose tea, so much better than Tetley. I guess you do get what you pay for and that extra two bucks is soooooo worth it.

Other updates:
Hugo Award nominees were posted April 4.

Highly Recommended