Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Slightly Kinda Definitely Freaking Out

Don't ya love deadlines? Don't you love leaving everything until the deadline? Don't ya love when all of your deadlines overlap in a way you hadn't anticipated?

I'm behind. I took spring break to get ahead on a project and that means that I'm behind on everything else. Dear everyone affected: sorry.

(or is it effected? damnit, I always get them confused)

I have a story due for workshop this week. Since I knew I would be submitting it I started working seriously toward the submission a couple weeks ago. I started working and reworking two amorphous ideas hoping to bring them from notes and scenes to full fledged stories. I tried to plan ahead, honestly, but neither one of them was really speaking to me, so I tried a third idea but it reminded me of limp celery that had been in the crisper for a month so I tossed it. Tried to revive ideas one and two -- this brings our time line up to this past weekend -- idea one has no discernible plot and idea two gets on my nerves.

Which reminds me, I'm reading The Age of Innocence and I'm pretty pissed that I'm on page 70 and there's still no discernible plot. There's a shit-ton of dinner parties but no plot. Come on Edith Wharton, why ya gotta be like that?

So on Monday I freaked out and went for a walk. Obviously whatever I was doing wasn't working so I needed to zen-out and channel Natalie Goldberg. So I wandered off to "fill the well," which was great because I got a nifty little idea. Problem: I have to write said idea within a sever deadline. Hoo-boy.

Then I go and read this and I'm like yes! yes, that's me! that's what I'm doing! It's not about a lack of ideas it's ... it's about other stuff and
Maybe you feel a little self-loathing too, as if you gave up on a new year's resolution you'd really hoped would stick.
Not maybe. Definitely.

Highly Recommended