Friday, February 12, 2010

The Catch

I started a new novel -- a side side-project -- and it is totally the kind of novel I would read.

Therein lies the catch.

I don't really want to write this novel. But I would totally pay someone else eight bucks if they wrote it and let me read it. *grin*

So here's my question to everyone out there: what makes your novel worth writing? We often ask ourselves (or are told to ask ourselves) what about our novel makes it worth reading, but, jeez, what makes it worth you doing the writing?

Clarification: the answers I've gotten so far are not dealing with the question in the way I expected so I'll attempt to better explain what I was thinking when I asked the above.

I'm going to assume that whatever you're writing it is something that you would like to read -- god help you if it's not. But why should YOU be the one doing the writing?

If "I'd like to read a novel like this" is the only reason for writing a novel, then there are many of us who could save a lot of pain and suffering by just going out and buying said "novel like this." What makes it worth creating yourself? Kinda like... why make your own pasta from scratch when it's so much simpler (and most often better) to buy it from the store?

Highly Recommended