Friday, January 08, 2010


I've been recruited to undecorate the Christmas tree. So I'm blogging my avoidance. Yes, the tree is still up. Remember, avoidance.

The tree has dropped, so to speak. Ornaments that were previously above head level on the cats are now brushing the ground. The cats used to have to stand on their hind feet and stretch to bat at the fabulous shiny toys hanging from the branches. Not so anymore.

I made some hasty promises earlier this week that I would post pictures of snow -- real snow, not predicted snow -- and I have the pictures, I just don't have with me the cord that connects my camera to the computer.

After a little bit of time, I turned from the blog to the tree. A very crispy tree, I might add. And as I touch only the second ornament to be put away, I break it.

I don't know what your tree consists of, but my family tree is a hodgepodge of ornaments. There are a half dozen expensive crystal ornaments, tiny wooden ornaments found inside Christmas crackers, old keepsakes from the Watkins company, things that were once package decorations, a handful of clear plastic droplets that look like crystal and catch the light, some shiny glass bulbs and a tinsel garland that's nigh on twenty years old.

Of all that, I suppose it would be the worst to break one of the keepsakes that has more memories than monetary value attached to it. The good news is that "baby's first Christmas" is plush and not likely to be maimed. The second worst ornament to break would be the expensive crystal snowflakes that my father loves. Yep. That would be bad. That would make me feel awful if suddenly the string slipped out of the clasp and the snowflake hit the floor and two of the "arms" snapped off.

This is my dumb luck. Most of what is on the tree has a value of $5 or less. Yet I do not break one of those. Worse is that these are the things that Dad really loves; everything else on the tree is just "nice" in his opinion. He's yet to come home and find out.

They make a new snowflake each year, so this one won't be replaced. It could still hang without the two arms (and it probably will next year) but I'll still be looking for a replacement over the next year. Such is my attempt to undo things.

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