Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I read Shadowlight by Lynn Viehl yesterday. I thought that this "book of the Kyndred" would be completely separate from her "books of the Darkyn." I was mistaken: it's new, non-vampire characters with mostly non-vampire problems, but there's still vampires lingering around the edges calling people by name whom I don't know.

To get a good sense of this book, imagine the plot of the first Terminator movie, now cast all the characters with X-Men instead of humans.

Oh, and there's a vampire subplot which seemed completely superfluous to the main plot (likely because I've not read any of the Kyndred novels) but doubtlessly will bring fans of the old books joy and will possibly have something to do with the eventual conclusion of the series.

All I'll say is that I was really hoping that by having vampires and a Terminator in the same book, the least you can do is use 'em to kill off the Terminator. Now that would be a sweet fight.

Highly Recommended