Sunday, December 13, 2009

NaNoWriMo: Post Mortem

Some people refuse to let go of their NaNoWriMo energy and come December 1, they immediately embark on NaNoFiMo (National Novel Finishing Month), where those pesky little things like endings, transitions, and all of chapter five are written.

Others engaged in NaQuRejMo and immediately query agents about their brand new NaNoBabies

My biggest goal at the end of any crazily intense period of writing is to keep writing consistently even if I'm not writing at the previous quantity. It's been a goal I had to abandon this month. With the end of semester, the holidays, and all the things I put off in November [edit of earlier post where I said December although it's beginning to feel like a Freudian slip], I had no choice but to plunge back into real life and take care of shit before shit took care of me.

I'm saving up my thoughts and hopes and energy for writing starting the week after Christmas/January. I have many a writing friend who has decided that 2010 will not only be the start of a new decade but the beginning of a new chapter in her life: publication. I too am throwing my hat in the ring and going for it with gusto.

Yes, I've been submitting short stories regularly for the past eight months, but, as of yet, nothing has come of that. What I plan to work toward in 2010 is seeing a short story in print and getting a novel to the point where I can query it ... and the agent can, of course, say yes!

I am also hoping to rid myself of my proclivity to using exclamation points in blog entries and responses.

Those are my 2010 goals -- not resolutions, but goals. Although, truth be told my one 2009 New Year's Resolution -- to read 52 books this year -- has almost been fulfilled! 44 books read and nearly two weeks of vacation coming up before the year ends. :)

[edit: as of Sunday night, 45 books read so far this year.]

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