Friday, December 04, 2009

It Snowed

On the west side of Michigan we're well past due for our first snow of the year, but it certainly doesn't feel that way. We've had a very warm fall. I believe November was, on average, warmer than October. And now, suddenly, snow.

We didn't even get a "warning" snow -- the kind that falls but sticks to nothing. Nope. Yesterday at noon I noticed that the "rain" had a certain amount of substance to it but it was gone when I went outside. Then by the time I was leaving the building I teach in we'd seen every type of snowflake imaginable float by the window, from tiny ones that hurt when they hit to big fat ones that don't fall straight down because they catch the wind too easily. When I got outside I discovered that the snowflakes were of the giant variety that splat when they hit you.

The newsman predicted up to 5" by morning but there's not that much on the ground. From inside where I am nice and toasty warm, not to mention dry, there appears to be 2-3" caked on top of my car.

Snow. Wet, heavy, uncomfortable snow. Sigh.

Although I guess it's a reminder for some people of what time of year it really is: I just saw a tiny Christmas tree drive by on the roof of a compact car.

Oh, and it's still snowing.

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