Thursday, November 19, 2009


[26,023 / 50,000]

I resurface this week just in time for the Project Runway Season 6 Finale. These are the important things in life. However the important things dissapoint when, for the first time in six seasons, I really dislike the winning designer.

They say that there are over 100,000 aps for the iPhone. That's kinda scary. How are you supposed to find the one that will help you?

Essentially, my response to everything is "I'm workin on it."

I have about 26,000 words on my NaNoNovel. This means I've broken the halfway point today! Although, if you'll look at the calendar, you'll notice that we're about four days past the halfway point of the month.

I have the week of Thanksgiving "off." This means that I will grade papers, read proposals, proofread the next issue of Third Coast, grade more essays and catch up on my NaNoProject, go to two Thanksgivings and work Black Friday in my aunt's shop. No sweat, right?

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