Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quick follow up to previous post

I think if there was a way of thinking that becomes a "Religion" for me -- that is something I take more on faith than on logic -- it is Science. I was raised the child of a biologist and I place far more faith in doctors, vaccines, medications and surgeries than I should. I believe that medicine can fix you and that scientists, given enough time and equipment, will find the answer. There's a lot of faith in those beliefs. There's some logic too -- no religion is devoid of logic, it's just that it's practitioners fill in the gaps with faith -- but not enough logic to cover all the gaps and inconsistencies.

Let's face it: medicine can't fix everyone. Yet I still believe.

If you think I'm playing fast and loose with the term "religion" please, just let it roll off your back like water on a duck. But I think that under these parameters everyone can find something that is "religion-like" in their beliefs (something that's as much faith as it is logic).

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