Sunday, November 08, 2009

NaNoWriMo Day 8: Confused

[15,442 / 50,000]

I have stopped writing a single project. Yep, it's already happened. I am only one week into the month long marathon and I'm jumping ships, or tracks, or running off the course -- whatever the appropriate metaphor is in this situation.

I started out counting only the words I wrote on a fiction project and have now switched all my attention back over to the memoir project (and sub-projects) I am doing for workshop. It helps that the memoir projects are probably going to reach 50,000 words by the end of semester. Now my goal is to get them drafted as quickly as possible.

There are those who would like to point out that jumping tracks mid-month goes against the "rules" of NaNo. Those people need to lighten up. If I can turn out 50,000 words total by Thanksgiving then I will be very happy and I don't particularly care how I do it.


JustSal said...

I agree 100% the purpose is to start writing on the 1st and finish on the 30th and hopefully in between you can notch up 50,000 words. If you choose to change direction mid way through (I'm sure it was a difficult decision) then so be it - you are writing within the boundaries of the rules of the 1st - 30th. So do your best to knock out 50,000 starting on the 9th!
I'm in a bit of a rut atm with finding the urge to write. I've got the words there in my head, but being motived to get them onto the screen/page is the difficult part.


jkirlin said...

I think you've learned the real rule, grasshopper.

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