Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NaNoWriMo Day 24

[27,466 / 50,000]

That word count is nowhere near where it needs to be. So much for my early success. I'd like to make some comment about how week three "always" breaks me but the truth is that this is only the second time I've gotten to week three. The good news is that it's usually week two that breaks me so the odds are in my favor that I'll finish given these slim statistics.

I switched from novel to memoir early on in the month. The part of the memoir I'm at now is difficult to tackle. Things that I feel really strongly about either just are and therefore should not be described or reasoned, or I over describe them and get melodramatic. Essentially, I'm whining more about writing this next bit than I'm actually writing.

I've done only 1200 words in the past four days.

My next step is to go back into the middle and write more about that because I didn't get to cover all the stuff I wanted to. Then I will come back and tackle this difficult matter and hack small pieces off of it as I go.

I've already traveled back home for Thanksgiving and the cats are happily ensconced in the "kitty gym," better known as my father's house. They're having lots of fun running up and down the stairs, discovering toys they hid under furniture the last time they were here, and playing the piano when we're not watching them.

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