Sunday, November 15, 2009

How to Procrastinate

1. You decide the toilet needs to be cleaned. Now. It does, indeed need cleaning, but you are in the middle of writing. Writing something that was due yesterday.

2. When you go to the cupboard to retrieve the toilet cleaning materials, you discover that you are out of cleaning solution. Since the toilet needs to be cleaned now, you grab your shoes and purse and head out to the store.

3. Forty minutes later you return with cleaning solution, earrings, a 2010 calendar, flavored decaf coffee (ostensibly to help you with writing), a Christmas gift for your mother, and two frozen pizzas.

4. You scrub the toilet like it's never been scrubbed before. You feel proud, like you've accomplished something important that improves the public health.

5. Write a blog entry about this experience.

6. Repeat as necessary with other household appliances and surfaces.

Highly Recommended