Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Straight out of the 80s

I saw a girl walking down my block this morning who looked like she was straight out of the 80s. Messy, crimped hair fluffed up big. Tight jeans in a light, light blue that ended in white Keds.

But even more than the clothing it was her attitude. She walked with the over exaggerated swingy-bounce that I've seen most often in films. Totally 80s.


Jud said...

Totally! Having grown in the 8os, there is much I remember of the decade with fondess.

Aquarius said...

The 80's!? A total fashion, music, culture void. My memory of the 80's - shoulder pads - nuff said.

Jud said...

I must take exception to Aquarius' comment...fashion void? What about the Members Only jacket? leg warmers? Air Jordans?

Musical void? The 80s gave us Duran Duran, Bon Jovi, The Replacements, Romeo Void, The Stray Cats, Billy Idol, Prince and the Revolution, U2, and many more.

Sorry, Aquarius, but I repsectfully disagree.

Rochelle said...

Did you check for a camera? Maybe it WAS for a movie...

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