Monday, August 10, 2009

Worth Reading - Finds from the Online Lit Mag Scene and Beyond

Things I like and things I've seen all for free on the internet.

Short stories:

From Samuel Patterson Stoddard's "The Common Cuckoo." I got to see this story started in workshop. I liked it then and I liked it now.

From Rumble Underground's Winter 2009 issue and winner of their short story contest: "The Thing with Feathers" by Evan Guilford-Blake. Heartbreaking.

Blog posts:

From agent Jessica Faust on the BookEnds blog: writing what you love and loving what you write, "Be True to You."

From Margosita on Trusting the Process while embarking on the MFA thesis project. You never hear the MFA process as a "hand holding" adventure -- surely if they promoted it that way few people would sign up -- but along with the educational aspects of an academic study of writing and the process of writing the MFA thesis project provides many helpful (possibly necessary) tool for completion of the first novel: a deadline, a support group, a mentor, a critic, an editor and someone who doesn't think you're weird when you freak out about the project.

Highly Recommended