Monday, June 08, 2009

Reading Deprivation

Week four of The Artist's Way: Reading Deprivation.

Reading! Deprivation -- WTF? RU Serious!? I'm not supposed to read for the next week. Hmphf. This is the first aspect of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way that I've balked at. Morning pages, sounds good. Artist's date, yeah I can do that. Reading Deprivation .... that's just not natural!

Cameron claims that excuses like "but I'm a student" or "what about work" have no hold on her. She points to those times when we've wiggled out of a weeks worth of reading just because we didn't want to or had something else going on. Damn. Those are really good instances to point to.

I'll give her the pleasure reading, the leisure reading, the blog reading (yes that means your blog), the news reading, the novel reading, the forum reading, the anything else reading ... but I will not give up the for-class reading. It's just too damn close to the end of my semester and I need to start my project ASAP and that includes relevant scholarly research.

The point of this ungodly deprivation is to show us what we do when we have that extra time. I'm supposed to be particular in my notation of what I do with my non-reading time. I'm uncertain to what end this all goes, but I guess I'll have to continue to trust in the program.

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