Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life: day two

Wow. My lasts post was so much more meaningful when John read it.

I should have guessed Jud would want the car stats. Me, I was trying to go for the "less is more" (b/c less=less whining) approach.

The car is:

- Honda Civic 2001
- automatic
- all the gears went (I believe) as it moved in neither direction without the help of gravity and an incline
- tackle the repair myself? Ha! I can check and assess myself, after that I dial for dollars. I wouldn't know where to start and while my father and his brother used to repair and rebuild cars all the time (his first car he assembled from two cars of the same model, one had a non-working engine and the other had been rear ended) but so many systems in newer cars are run or monitored by computers that it really makes the at home repair more difficult than it's worth for him.

Which brings us to
- AAA came and towed it away to the local Honda repair.

Got a call from the repair people. The transmission pump died. They're ordering a new one. It will be here ... eventually. Maybe it'll be done Friday. Maybe not. Oh. And the warranty ran out in June. Last June, not this June.

And I'm supposed to drive to Kenyon on Saturday.

I suppose the good news is that I'm just barely old enough to rent a car without paying out the nose for it should it come to that.

And I write in really short sentences when I'm cranky and trying not to whine. Although I'm not nearly as upset as I could be.

It died within walking distance of my apartment on a non-busy residential street on a sunny June afternoon when I had precisely two hours to spare before I had to be in class. There are so many other places and times it could have gone out that my rolling backward down a will (with a working break) is more comic than anything else.

And I am living in a place where being without a car for a week is acceptable. I can walk to the university and to a bunch of quick food/convenience mart type places and I discovered that my university ID lets me ride the city bus for free. The exercise will be good for me. Although I'm not thrill at the thought of grocery shopping by bus; it reminds me of living in Chicago.

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