Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Events

Two things are going to happen today. The first is that the "summer project" group is meeting for the first time. This is a group of women who are MFA candidates who are participating in this special side project which is a spin off of another project. Basically this means that we're taking one word -- it's either gonna be root or center -- and we're each using it as a prompt for a poem, or a piece of short fiction or essay that we write individually.

Then we will swap/share what we've written and someone else will write a response to our piece. Then someone else in the group will write a response to the response ... you see how it grows and morphs.

The original project was done with a group of poets only -- how exclusionary! -- but our group has people focused in poetry, fiction and nonfiction, although there's nothing that says we have to use one form over another.

Should be interesting.

The other thing that's happening is that I'm being reunited with the furry terrors formally known as cats. They've been residing at "the gym" also known as my father's house. It's the gym because with oodles of room to run around -- and run they do -- they always seem to come back slimmer after a week at the gym.

They were hanging out there because of the apartment inspections which apparently did not include my apartment (knock on wood). No I'm not smuggling cats in on the DL, they're registered and legal, etc. But long story short they ended up with Dad. He's been shutting them in bathrooms and closets and other small spaces that they dive into while he's not looking and then an hour later he wonders why the other cat is sitting in front of the door. Cats. What can ya do?

Selection of photos demonstrating their small-space-loving antics. Above: book cat. Below: When my mom gave me an Easter gift in a pink bag she didn't realize she was giving me a cat toy as well.

Without them here my apartment is oddly quiet. And calm. And it stays clean a lot longer after I vacuum. But there's no purring ball of furry goodness sleeping on me when I wake up and there's no one meowing hello at me when I come in the door.

Highly Recommended