Friday, April 24, 2009

For What It's Worth ...

For what it's worth, I'm now on twitter. Check it: @speakcoffee. I'm still learning the lingo ... and thus far my impression is that I'm too articulate in a standard manner and that I need to learn even more internet-developed shorthand.

I have no pictures to show the before and after of my messy apartment because there is no *ahem* after.

It's graduation weekend and 79 degrees in Kalamazoo. This means the neighborhood can't decide if it's home visiting Mom, packing up and moving out, or partying. The schizophrenia is kind of amusing.

I want to be writing. Instead I'm longing to write. An activity which precludes both the writing and doing the thing that is keeping me from writing. It's an effective system, what can I say?

Last night I watched The Duchess. I expected a youthful story of romance, because, let's face it, anything set between 1750 and 1900 that isn't about war we expect to be about young love and an intricate courting dance. In The Duchess the marriage happened less than ten minutes into the film, what followed was a much more exquisite representation of live after marriage that was much more interesting than following the old pre-marriage patter. I also love-hate feelings about Keira Knightly. She's one of those actresses that usually comes across as herself in a film. Yes, that's a bad thing; I don't want actresses to seem like actresses, I want them to seem like their characters. In this film she seemed like the character not the actress underneath.

Highly Recommended