Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Need Suggestions!

What, in a semi-enchanted, semi-haunted, definitely not normal, 150 year old Inn, could a big old skeleton key unlock?


Aquarius said...

A wine cellar. A private library. A doorway to an underground tunnel. A garden gate.

Jud said...

The closet under the stairs. A trunk left behind by a mysterious guest whose initials on the trunk match an entry in the guest log. Perhaps the lock on a bound book?

Jud said...

Or a wall-safe, hidden behind a picture, oh, or maybe behind a silver mirror, that cracks during a storm. (sorry it is late and I have been watching murder mysteries)

kat said...

A chastity belt! haha! (sorry I'm trying to think outside the box...), an old diary? or umm i wish the secret garden wasn't taken already. how about a walk in freezer all locked up, that's creepy.

Margosita said...

The run-down but mysteriously pad-locked stable out back.

I like the wine cellar idea, and really like the bound book idea.

The extra lock on a door to a guest room, and when the door opens it takes the person with the key to a different time (150 years ago?). Open with normal key and you walk into present day.


Jolie said...

Hidden compartment in the back panel of a grandfather clock or other type of ostentatious furnishing.

Or the heavy-duty stapler in my office. It's been jammed since before Christmas.

El Johno said...

every door in the house, which leads to nothing...

however, when examining an old portrait of a former innkeeper, the key is shown at the bottom. when the key is held up to the painting exactly as it is painted, at midnight, the light shines through the key, focusing on a the end of the key in the painting, which turns out to actually be something else

and yes...i was trying to think up something all freakin' day

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