Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Love Rain

I really do.

How odd is that? Don't most people despair over rainstorms? Especially those that trickle off and on for days.

Me? I love 'em.

Especially compared to the months of snow and bitter cold we've been having. But even without snow I like rain.

I love the noise. It's so calming. I love that it drives other people inside -- particularly if I'm running and get to pretend that I'm all alone, I get to actually be all alone, just me and the path and the puddles. I like how the light is when it rains. The gray half-light. Peaceful.

... Unless I have to be at a wedding. Or picnic. Or I'm supposed to watch a sports game. But I'll gladly live life, run errands, go running in the rain. Sprinkles, downpours, thunderstorms. Better yet, I'll curl up with a book and a blanket next to the open window.

I think I'll go do that now.


Jud said...

Well, when you get back and read this, you'll see that I agree with you. The sounds the rain makes on the roof, car, trees, etc. Awesome.

I am always a little sad when the rain stops.

Margosita said...

Before I moved to San Francisco, I would have agreed with you. I love rain and thunderstorms in the midwest. I love the sound and the smell and the way rain can build up and trickle off in the matter of minutes.

But I hate rain here. It just makes everything cold and wet and it usually gets windy and there's no chance of just enjoying the rain through an open window since it'd just blow right into the room.

I'm actually a bit envious of your rain.

Jolie said...

I love rainstorms, too. The harder it comes down, the better. In the summer I go out and play in it like the enormous dork I am.

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