Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Love Rain

I really do.

How odd is that? Don't most people despair over rainstorms? Especially those that trickle off and on for days.

Me? I love 'em.

Especially compared to the months of snow and bitter cold we've been having. But even without snow I like rain.

I love the noise. It's so calming. I love that it drives other people inside -- particularly if I'm running and get to pretend that I'm all alone, I get to actually be all alone, just me and the path and the puddles. I like how the light is when it rains. The gray half-light. Peaceful.

... Unless I have to be at a wedding. Or picnic. Or I'm supposed to watch a sports game. But I'll gladly live life, run errands, go running in the rain. Sprinkles, downpours, thunderstorms. Better yet, I'll curl up with a book and a blanket next to the open window.

I think I'll go do that now.

Highly Recommended