Thursday, February 12, 2009

Write Your Heart Out

From Kirsten Ogden on the KRblog:

Did I clock in enough writing time to feel good about calling myself a writer? Or, as Rebecca McClanahan might phrase it, Why don’t we write our hearts out? In her book Write Your Heart Out, she says “There are so many reasons not to write, it’s a miracle this sentence appears.” She then goes on to share all of the misconceptions about writing that help put it all into perspective when we writers are thinking it’s a good idea to enjoy a Diners, Drive-ins and Dives marathon instead of sitting in the chair. (Hey, I like cheeseburgers!)

Misconception #1: Writing gets done without writing.

Misconception #2: Writers have time to write.

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I'm reading two books on my train ride to Chicago today, The Dark Mirror and Straw Into Gold. The former is a fantasy novel (the first in a trilogy as these things usually are) that I purchased because it promised talk of the protagonist's childhood and bore a blurb from Sara Douglass. Douglass = my fave Australian fantasy author. The latter is yet another young adult novel assigned in my folklore/fairy tales literature class. BTW the paper for that class went fairly well. I guess that BA I have in BS does mean something. I'll wait for the grade to come back before I say how much it means.

Highly Recommended