Monday, January 26, 2009

Slow Process

The cat-in-cone saga continues. She's starting to adapt to it better, but occasionally she'll be sitting up and then start tipping her head back until she completely unbalances herself and tips over. Backwards.

Happy Chinese New Year. Aquarius covers the details on that one much better than I could, but as I understand if this is your "year" you're supposed to experience great personal growth in the next 12 months. I had to think back to when my year was -- I always thought I was a rat, turns out I was born the week before the year of the rat though so that puts me in the year of the ... boar (I've been corrected) -- and in the year of the boarI quit a job, went to my first writing camp, moved to Chicago, started law school, quit law school, and applied (like a crazy woman) to MFA programs. I'm thinking that it was a growing year.

Speaking of which, I need to do some growing. ASAP.

The great bundle of enlightenment bestowed on me at my last Workshop has turned from impetus to terror. I know what's wrong with my writing but the enormity of fixing it -- essentially re-learning or re-thinking how I think -- leaves me wide eyed and trembling.


All I can do is think on it and be hopeful. Work on it and listen to feedback. Which makes it an enormous and slow process.

Highly Recommended