Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Man alive. We're officially in Winter now, however, around here it's felt like winter for the past month.

I got hit by that big snow storm that hit the Great Lakes area late last week. Kalamazoo got 8-10"; Ann Arbor 6-8". How was it getting through all that? I have no idea. I merely looked at it through my window. I'm on break here until the next semester starts in January so I went to the grocery store the night before and then just waited it out.

Visiting my family originally started as a week. It might now mean something like a week and a half on the road. Which is probably a good thing. Part of me wants this "off time" spent on me and my writing, but I used the first week simply to do grades and leisure activities like TV and teaching myself to sew apparel (which I find I'm quite good at).

I brought my kittens with me to stay at my father's house. The trip was easier for Rosie (the new girl) than it was for Ash. Rosie I just stuffed in the cat carrier and put in the backseat. She looked around, oh a cat carrier, and fell asleep. She meowed twice about 90 minutes into the drive then went back to sleep.

Ash, however, threw a hissy fit for the first half hour. She gets a harness and leash attached to the back seat so that she can roam around but not get under my feet. She wanted in my lap, out of my lap, up in the back window, sliding around trying to climb on the pillow and bag in the backseat. Finally she settled down in my lap and went to sleep. It was an easy ride from there.

Now the kittens are playing with each other. Or rather chashing each other. Unlike my apartment, my father's house has multiple floors. Kittens chasing after each other at top speed on the floor above sounds a lot like the pitter patter of small elephants.

Highly Recommended