Monday, November 24, 2008

Cat'tastic Travels

Two things have recently come to my attention: 1) I do not have enough cute kitten pictures of Ash posted on this blog and 2) Ash and I will be driving 90 miles together on Tuesday. This will be her longest car trip ever.

We've been taking short practice runs. Obviously she's had a couple of cat-carrier trips to the vet, but I've made sure that she's also had trips to the pet store as well to balance out the poking, needles and temperature taking. So we go to PetCo and she gets to watch the caged birds and have old ladies coo over her.

I've also been doing straight car ride trips. These are about 30-40 minute long trips where I just drive. The 40 minute trip with her in the cat carrier the whole time got a little punch at the 30 minute mark. At which point the kitty duffel proved its toughness by not shredding under her claws despite her attempts to get out.

At this point I figured she might not make it for 90-120 minutes home to my father's house.

But there's no way I'm driving with a "loose" cat in the car.

So I got a harness and leash. She's fine with both (just don't expect to lead her anywhere with that leash). I attach the leash to the back passenger side door and that way she has the run of the backseat, she can even hunker down in her carrier, but she cant' get under my feet or, worse, under the break peddle.

My vet told me about an accident that happened right in front of the vet's office because the lady's cat jumped underneath her break as she was trying to turn onto the busy road from the vet's parking lot.

The harness test run seemed to go okay. She cried for a while, but didn't freak out like she did in the carrier. After being pouty, then exploring, then crying, she settled down on the exact middle of the backseat where she could see everything, hung her front paws over the edge and decided to wait things out.

We travel tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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