Sunday, October 05, 2008


Being a fool, I went to another special "cat adoption day" set up by the same animal rescue group.

I went down the line of cages petting and picking up. Then I got to this girl. I picked her up and the first thing she did was lick my nose.
She's 4 mo old and they tell me her coat is called diluted tortoiseshell. I can bring her home in 2-4 weeks after she's healed from getting fixed and gotten the last of her shots.

We opened her cage and she removed herself from the bath her brother was giving her and walked right up to me. She'd been hanging out in the background the whole time a family had been petting/adopting her brother -- apparently she was waiting for me. Her brother, btw, couldn't have cared less that I even existed, and while he was cute, he was obviously saving all his love for the family of four that put a deposit on him.

She's got a rumbly little motor and is perfectly content to be held. She wasn't nervous even with all the pet store activity going on. She purred in my arms for a long time until I put her back. Then she crawled out into my arms again. Okay, more petting. I put her back again and was thinking about leaving and/or filling out paper work on her when she physically leaped from her cage into my arms to perch on my shoulder.

The four animal rescue volunteers behind me all cooed. Obviously, they figured this girl was going home with a cat.

Highly Recommended