Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I realized several things this weekend, the first was that it really was fall. The second was that I had taken pictures of fall -- I'd even taken pictures of late summer -- specifically for the blog and never retrieved them from my phone. (Look for a "photo tour" on Thursday or Friday.)

My second realization came while on a very long walk through campus Saturday afternoon. It was sublime BTW. The temp was hovering just at 60, the sky was clear and campus was empty. I was wandering past buildings and taking note of the names trying to gain some sense of what is where when I thought this is my campus for the next three years, I really should get to know it crossed my mind.

That's when it hit me: I'm really here.

I'm really at an MFA!

All that planning, applying, worrying, neurosing, the haphazard researching, talking my father's ear off about it, all those ridiculous obsessions with the MFAblog, the Poets&Writer's speak easy, the LJ applying to grad school community, followed by checking Seth Abramson's list of application responses two, three, okay five times a day ... all of that was over, over because I'm actually here.

The here that was there a year ago.

The there that I wanted to be.

So many MFAer's blogs get bitchy about actually being in the MFA program (not Tanya and Margosita so much, but people who've MFAed for longer) they get factual, they deal with the problems, the daily grind, the bleak truth that is the post-MFA job market. And that's why I'd like to take this moment to get all sorts of appreciative, and gooey about dealing with all those yucky, wonderful things.

Highly Recommended