Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday = Forced Time to Write

I detailed how my MFA program affects my life and how much I write just back in this post.

I have one of those artificial MFA provided deadlines coming up. Soon. With no particularly "spare" time to write the story.

So I've developed a computer based cat toy: a four foot length of ribbon hanging off the counter and attached to my hand so that it wiggles as I type. The idea is that I can keep the kitten from freakin out and trying to get up on the counter with me while I write. She is desperately trying to get up here with me but I need some cat-free think time. Time where I'm not typing with one hand because I'm scratching her head or jerking my own head away when she tries to clean my ear. I appreciate the sentiment of communal cleaning, but I'll have to pass on the actual practice. She's too tiny to jump up from the floor and I'm not providing her with anything close enough to the counter to use as steps, which doesn't stop her from staring at me from the back of my little red IKEA chair like she's gonna leap the gap.

And now I'm in the home stretch. Time-wise. I email my first short story out to the class on Monday. A week later they will workshop it.

I need to get this thing finished!

Yes, it has an ending but since I've rewritten the introduction the ending no longer fits well. And it just needed to be a lot longer for this class requirement.

I have two students to meet with about their papers (also due Monday) and while the timing works out beautifully (I won't be grading this weekend) I can't take credit for that coincidence. Other than those two appointments I'm writing. Or I'm supposed to be writing. If I wasn't blogging. Or keeping the kitten from destroying my house.

As required by workshop I need someone to do a "read over" of my story before I email it out. It's supposed to be someone vaguely "knowledgeable about these things" meaning at least you read contemporary literary short fiction for work or pleasure. If you're going to have free time to read a short story on Sunday and send me comments back that very day, leave a comment or drop me an email at eileen/at/eileenwiedbrauk/dot/com and I'll send/post you the link of where I've posted it. Basically it's a read through to find glaring flaws and any other comment you think is useful. Volunteers appreciated.

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