Monday, October 13, 2008

Do You Really Sell Ice Cream?

Back when I was settling in to my apartment and my grad school schedule I posted about the ice cream truck and it's fricking annoying 60+ minute circling of my neighborhood while playing a continuous loop of "pop goes the weasle." Oh, and it looked like the mystery machine from Scooby Doo.

Well, it's October and the stupid thing still hasn't gone away despite the temperature not breaking 65 F for the past couple of weeks. Except now it plays "Do Your Ears Hang Low." Not an improvement.

I was still wondering at how much business an icecream truck could do in a neighborhood of college kids. Maybe we're big on nostolgia. Maybe we're big impulse buyers. Then my cousin told me "It's drugs."


Apparently she's well aware of ice cream trucks as drug dealers toodling through America's neighborhoods.


She admits that it might be an urban myth as she's never bought drugs from an ice cream man, but given my white suburban-ish pot smoking neighbors I'm thinking it might just be.

That just doesn't seem very Good Humor to me.

But then I googled "good humor man" under images to get the above and what did I find? An image of "today's ice cream truck" -- just like the Mystery Machine that haunts my neighborhood. And -- lo and behold! -- in that picture the van is being pulled over by the cops.

Well, shit. Maybe my cousin isn't paranoid.

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