Friday, September 26, 2008


If you didn't know this past Wednesday was National Punctuation Day you weren't alone. However Jes does have a great punctuation post over at Running After My Hat that I highly recommend to anyone who claims to care about writing.

There's a new poem up on my website.

My musician friend Professor el Johno (blogs here or here) told me of his intention to compose a piece of music using atrocious sentence constructions that actually appeared in student writing. He described to me how all the layers of music would play together but I don't have a good enough music vocabulary to do a repeat description justice, so I'll just say that I'm terribly amused and I'm jotting down all the mind bogglingly bad sentences I find.

(BTW, I am totally amused to find that the adverb form of "boggle" is "bogglingly.")

Twenty-four hours ago I would have told you that I was not a fan of pumpkin beer. Then I picked up Ichabod at the store. I admit, the attraction was mostly to the label. Ichabod has since become one of my favorite beers, label, pumpkin and all.

I'm spending the weekend grading, reading and visiting my grandmother and assorted aunts and cousins. I shall tell the harrowing story of the fire alarm upon my return.

Highly Recommended