Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog of Note

As Aquarius informed me in her comment, Nathan Bransford's blog got listed as the "Blog of Note" for Blogger yesterday. (Thanks for telling me as I hadn't seen it.)

But if Nathan's insanely popular blog just now is making the "of note" list I'm thinking that my time isn't coming any time soon. LoL!

MFA stuff: previously friendly grad students are turning pissy. Previously unapproachable grad students are becoming friendly. Am I being welcomed into the fold?

Tonight: I'm skipping the "creative writing party" despite the rumors of good food and the chance to snoop around the "posh" living space of one of the faculty members in order to just drive home and be comfortable. Tomorrow one of my cousins is getting married so I either need to go home tonight or go home early tomorrow morning. It's a gray outside, and if I don't hit the road I'll likely just curl back up in bed only my neighbor's music isn't conducive to my headache going away so bed is a bad idea. I know skipping a chance to be social is a bad idea but I've been at this for three weeks now; a break from it all this grad school stuff is very welcome.

Highly Recommended