Monday, August 11, 2008

What a Lovely Wedding!

The second wedding of the summer was a wonderful event. It was held outdoors and my gift to the bride was the perfect weather that accompanied the day. Okay, okay, I'll order her something online as well. They asked guests not to physically bring gifts to the wedding because they've already moved out west and the wedding was being held in the bride's home town outside of Indianapolis. I mention all this because I love the advent of gift registries, and online registries ... that will mail directly to the happy couple without me trying to remember to bring the goofy thing to the wedding! Last time I hand carried a gift I left it in the hotel room and has to post it afterwards anyway.

It was so good to see that group of people. I never realize how much I miss people until I see them again after several years. The great part however was that we could all just pick up where we've left off.

This year is average for weddings. I only have three to go to so far. Last year was a bumper crop that involved six invites that I sadly could only make four of.

Long story short, I believe in big weddings. Not huge bridal parties but lengthy guest lists. Now, there is nothing about me that screams money, society or clout. I like big weddings because I've made a lot of friends who are truly great people to be around and when I'm at these events I see how happy they all are to have an excuse to travel however far to see each other again.

Highly Recommended