Thursday, August 21, 2008

Music & TV

Music: so I'm packing up CDs today (yes I still own CDs and I'll still buy new ones if I really love the band). I discovered that I have kept the case for Weezer's Blue CD even though I know the CD was stolen four years ago. And in the universe's strange way of "balancing" things out I have two copies of Avril Lavigne's first CD. I'm embarrassed to say I even bought the first one back in the day, but how on earth did I end up with two?

Project Runway: thank goodness Mr. Whiny Cocktail Dress went home! I was so happy! I was happy to start with when Chris March came back (I totally thought he was going to get fan favorite last season because I just thought he was a hoot) and then that the challenge was to dress drag queens was fabulous. Even more happy that my man Joe won -- gotta represent Detroit.

Who's my favorite? Who will win? No idea. Keith, Blayne and that mousy girl -- you're on notice. But once those three go home the race really opens wide up. Korto is fabulous but she takes big risks which could pay off or could send her home. Stella will go far because she does exactly what she's supposed to: she satisfies the challenge without losing sight of herself as a designer -- how many times have we heard that phrase over the past four seasons? Designers that either don't fulfill the challenge or fulfill it to the point where they lose their own aesthetic go home -- Stella has managed to do both every time (except the grocery store challenge which disappointed me all around).

Okay, back to packing. I'm really starting to detest moving. And to think the woman my father is dating keeps chiming isn't it exciting! whenever this whole moving thing comes up.

Highly Recommended