Friday, August 15, 2008

Counting Down and Getting Ready

Days 'til moving: 8
Days 'til orientation: 10
Days 'til I start teaching: 19
Days 'til I start workshop: 24

Things to do before then: don't ask

I'm feeling pretty calm about this whole moving business, which I shouldn't be because immediately following the move I will be thrown into orientation for new instructors/TAs. They finally informed me of what my pay rate will be and I was pleased to find it equal to my pre-grant tuition. Yea for not being (entirely) slave labor!

The text book, however, is completely scaring me as to the kind of students I'm going to encounter. I really need to remember that these will be college freshmen but dang if it hasn't been a while since I've dealt with college freshmen academically. I know what she's expecting when she walks into rush, but I don't know what she's expecting when she walks into College Writing 101.

I mentioned all this to my mother and she retold me something that supposedly happened to me my first year of college. That after the first paper in either my freshmen seminar class or my college writing class that the prof laid into us, that none of us were writing on the college level except the two A's he had given out and that anyone who had not received an A needed to make special arrangements to see him. Figuring I had a 2/15 chance of getting an A, I prepared myself for the worst.

My paper had gotten an A.

I remember none of this. But my mother tells me it happens and I can't imagine how else she came up with it other than me telling it all to her. And my not remembering is only further proof that I have no idea what I'm getting into with freshmen.

Highly Recommended