Monday, July 28, 2008

Whoops! I'm Live But Half Dressed

So I was going to take my personal-professional-writerly-whatever website live yesterday (Sunday) and I was gonna make big splash announcements, etc. ... except I didn't finish everything I wanted to so I decided it would be best to hold off on all that loud splashing until there was something more on the site.

And then fate intervened.

The editors's bios of the literary magazine I edit went live over the weekend. And in there is the link to my website. Oops! It's only half dressed!

The template is up, looking good, functioning but pretty much just taking up space and waiting for me to plug in all the content. The likelihood that someone would find my site through this roundabout webpage (and trust me, it takes a bit of investigation to get to it even through the literary magazine page) seems slim, and yet I know someone's already clicked through and found it! (Don't worry, it's okay that you did.)

So today, Monday, is all about getting something worthwhile actually in that site!

Party to follow.

[P.S. I know the style guid of Strunk and White says that editors's is the proper way to make a plural possessive in this situation but I think it looks stupid. *grumbles* just writing editors' looks so much more streamline to me. Stupid rule one.]

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