Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Prepare Yourselves!

Prepare yourselves: there will soon be a website!

Yes, I know, just what you always wanted, more internet content completely based on me! A band new and spiffy means of killing time on the internet -- because there aren't enough ways to do that now.

Speak Coffee to Me the blog will remain -- and remain right here -- I'll just be linking back and forth between the two once I'm done building the site.

There are many reasons why I'm excited about this, the professionalism of having a website with a short URL is one of them, but logistically I'm excited because this will allow me to post work. Right now it is awkward to post fiction in Blogger. If it's too long, I need to serialize it -- but then you walk into it backwards if you don't check everyday (perish the thought). If I don't blatantly label it as fiction, fiction, FICTION YOU IDIOT! I get some idiot telling me I shouldn't obsess or asking me if I need a therapist. (Sigh.) Which makes an interesting statement about how we like neurotic characters but not neurotic people. And lastly, I will now be able to keep things up as long (or not) as I want. I know right now that I can take down my own writing from Blogger but it's not as simple for showcasing it.

All these problems -- and more! -- will be solved with OxiClean!

I mean -- my own website!

Do you think I could get Billy Mays to do a promo for me? He's lending that gravely shouting voice of his to every other as seen on TV product in America so why not mine?

BTW it is sooooo unbelievably cool -- in an utterly geeky way -- to see your name one the URL line with a ".com" behind it.

*giggles and goes back to site building*

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