Monday, June 23, 2008

Writer's Group ...

Psst ... so you know how I said they were starting a writer's group aound here that was going to meet every two weeks? Well, after a week at Kenyon I don't think I can go back.

I can't do it.

After a week listening to the fabulous instructor readings, the fellows' readings, the participants' readings ... I don't think I want to listen to the lovely, but unknowing old women's readings. I need to stay in my cocoon of wonderfulness and let it seep in. More importantly, let the wonderfulness seep into my own writing projects.

After sitting in workshop with Brad Kessler (author, Birds in Fall)can I really listen to the woman who wrote a Star Trek novel refer to herself as "your fearless leader" and talk about how she dislikes books on writing?

After the lovely (light and slightly eerie) stories of Melanie Haney, can I deal with the clunky work of sweet but senile women?

I heartily believe that 90 minutes of my morning would be better spent rewriting "Cake" so that it is firmly placed and doesn't give you that disjointed medicine-head feeling than if I went to the "writer's group."

Highly Recommended