Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday's Ten, Briefly ...

  1. Spent Saturday looking around K'zoo for apartments. A couple possibilities, two hell-no's, one where I felt like I had to scrape the schmooze and schmaltz off of me when I left -- the leasing agent even dropped a "I love your purse" by way of parting.

  2. Submissions counter for the month of June: four.

  3. WALL-E is super cute. It's like they recycled Short Circuit into something even more wonderful. Oh and the voice of "computer" is Sigourney Weaver which is hilarious if you follow movies well enough -- and if you follow sci-fi to the point that my father does you'll catch the red ship's wheel / HAL reference from 2001 A Space Odyssey (I'm still clueless on that one).

  4. The invite for the next wedding of a college friend arrived this weekend. I'll have to work on my hand-eye coordination for the bouquet toss.

  5. Been splitting my time between stalking online literary journals and stalking apartments. The literary journals prove more fruitful as I really need to see the silly apartments.

  6. Going to go see more apartments Tuesday.

  7. Still haven't called to set up the appointment to set up my class schedule for that whole MFA thing. Hmm ...

  8. I researched crows today. While at Kenyon I was swarmed by crows. Not physically attacked but the birds were just constantly present. I even collected a crow feather, which I was then told by the Shaman-like Sue Spirit was a lucky thing. Now my poet roommate from the week tells me that I'll obviously have to write about them. ... Seven crows for the secret never been told ...

  9. I picked up both She Drove without Stopping by Jaimy Gordon and then Storm Watch by Jim Butcher. The first because I'm likely to be in her class this fall and the later because it's a popular piece of paranormal fluff, so popular they turned the series of novels into the TV show "The Dresden Files" and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

  10. I've been writing, but there are too many characters and stories running around in my head. So instead of running free they're running into each other. Thud. And that kind of hurts.

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