Monday, June 09, 2008

So they're starting a writer's group ...

Word Count: 7087

So someone in the home owner's association here has decided she wants to start a writer's group. She moved to town in the past year or two and finds being a working writer lonely so she's making time and effort to bring together people to discuss and work on writing. Sounds lovely. She is former military and now a working writer; I get the impression that she wouldn't be able to live off of it if she wasn't married but bully to her for publishing at all.

Again, I am the youngest person in the group. At least this time there doesn't seem to be someone over sixty looking to scapegoat me for that reason.

Two of the older women want to work on writing their life stories and another woman is looking to write her family's stories so that's kind of all in the same bag. The woman putting this all together seems to write anything commercial and she's leaving everything else wide open for choice and interpretation. Right now, I have no idea what I'm going to bring to this group when we meet again in two weeks.

Although, I suspect that I'll take in something I started at the Kenyon Review Workshop and say hey where should I go with this? Maybe I'll even take in my bit about cooking and garlic from last year. Although that distinctly needs more dialog.

Or any dialog.

No, that's a lie, I think people talk. Twice.

Anyway. I didn't know what to expect when I replied to the advert in the home owners association newsletter, and to be completely honest I still don't know what to expect. At best (or worst) I'll probably only be in town for six meetings. This group will be one more thing to keep me writing. One more thing to scatter my word count wildly over a dozen projects and make me wonder if I will ever finish a decent novel.

Highly Recommended