Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Morning. Coffee.

Being up earlier than usual should have been fine. And, in fact it was cool for the first couple hours. I found myself embarking on the "normal" hours of my day with enthusiasm for the fact that I was ahead of schedule. Then I pulled up short.

Brain ... not moving. Must. Have. Coffee. More coffee. Now. And then complete system failure took over. Despite the fact that my computer was working fine, I witnessed the blue screen of death flicker before my eyes.

Why is it that I wake up with an empty tank? Empty of caffeine certainly, but empty of words as well. So many writers (and subscribers to the artists' way) talk about writing in the early hours of the day because nothing infringes on their creativity at that early hour when they are close to their dreams and their subconscious. Me? I remember how to type (thanks Mr. Lori for beating that one in to me) but my thoughts snag and catch on the syntax like it's a second language.

I've pondered it before and come up with no good ideas so I'm off to more coffee and a little reading to replenish my bank of words that are available and ready for use.

Highly Recommended