Thursday, May 29, 2008


I haven't posted in a while because I've been miserably sick, alternating between my bed and the couch and doing more sleeping than anything else both Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday, yeah we won't talk about Monday's activities.

For Memorial Day Weekend (MDW) I flew down to Forth Worth, Texas to visit with three of my girl friends from college. This is the second year we've taken this weekend as a chance to get away and visit each other although one of last year's participants couldn't make it this year. We miss you, Schafe!

We went down to the Forth Worth Stock Yards and I got to see my first real cowboys. Took me long enough though to realize that they were dressed like that because this was their profession. I'm used to people dressing like that because they think it's a style so I was thrown for a loop.

Went to something called Wolf Dance which was great. Ten bands on two stages so every time one band stepped down another was already set up. The music was something called Texas Country which I think is a misleading title. To me "Texas Country" should be twangier than twangy, more country than country, but this stuff was more like a Texas take on rock n roll. And I was totally fine with that.

That was Sunday. Also on Sunday was an act of smiting. I didn't go to church with people that morning because I am not a fan of church. I think people need a good set of values in their lives but that they don't have to get those values from religion (in fact, I know some very "religious" people that are the meanest, nastiest, least gracious people I know). I also think that for some people faith can be useful. But I an not a fan of organized religion. So I figured I'd do myself and all of Texas a favor by not going. Well my friends thought they would bring home a plate of food for me from the after service pot luck. Cue ominous music. Let me put it this way, the service started at 10am and I got my food at 1:30pm. Hello bacteria danger zone.

No one else got sick (they all ate an hour to 90 minutes prior to me) and not everyone believes this is what happened to me.

So food poisoning kicked in at about 5am the next day. Which was great. I got on a plane at 4pm that day. Which was even better. The plane hadn't even taken off and the flight attendants were asking me if I was okay to fly. It was an incredibly rocky ride but thankfully turbulence doesn't bother me, just rotten tuna and the stress of boarding the plane.

Did you know you can throw up Pepto-Bismol? I didn't think it was physically possible. But it is. Oh and after I got through all this I was told that when you have food poisoning you're not supposed to take anything except clear fluids. So that was a waste in more sense than one.

It was actually an okay flight because I was able to doze under a blanket knowing each minute brought me closer to my own bed.

It turns out that I needn't have worried bout the carrot cake of last week because food poisoning is a quick way to lose 4-5 lbs in under a week. Bottle that and sell it why don't ya?

I'm feeling better now (sort of) more than three days later. I'm still not up to running miles or eating spicy food. Or eating food that doesn't involve the words "toast" or "soup" in the description. But at least I'm doing well enough to not have to sit down when I shower so that I don't pass out, and I'm well enough to write again, which -- face it -- is what I live for.

Up Next: I haven't forgotten Taggie's question I'm just a little behind right now. I'd also like to thank everyone who's been reading. June 1 starts the SoCNoC Novel competition and I hope to blog on location!

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